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Earn commission on every sale you make!
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Provide customers with top-notch, personalized customer service, and fast shipping and handling.

Why the Affiliate program?

People are always going to get married, and now more than ever weddings are not just taking place in the summer, but all year round.

It's not just the bride that requires jewellery for the big day, the bridesmaids and mothers of the bride will also require matching necklaces and tiaras, adding to your commission.

We are not a large impersonal corporation. We offer your site and your visitors a unique personally run business. We even provide our customers with a phone number to call if they have questions or need suggestions.

Through this program, we provide you with a number of proven banners, buttons and text links as well as our own data/product feed so can include our content to your web pages. When a consumer clicks through these links to and purchases a piece of wedding jewellery from us, you receive a commission from this sale.

The affiliate process.

Review and agree to our operating agreement and terms and conditions.
Submit your application.
We will review your application and take a look at your website.
Upon approval, we will invite you to sign up through our affiliate portal.
Then you will be free to insert our text, buttons, banners on your site and use our data feed and also start making money!

If you have any more affiliate program questions please click here for our Affiliates FAQ.

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