Affiliate Product Feed

We have now introduced our own product feed so you can easily incorporate our products into your affiliate web pages.

To use the product feed you need to be a signed up as a affiliate, to become an affiliate Sign up here!

Product Feed Contents

We have a number of columns in our data feed file, please see below for an explanation of the columns.


This is the unique reference to our jewellery


The name of the piece of jewellery


The jewellery description


The direct url to the page of the jewellery


The unit price

Small Image

Our small image, usually no greater than 108 x 90 pixels

Large Image

Our large Zoom image, no greater than 432 x 358 pixels


Either Necklaces,Tiaras,Earring,Sets, Accessories or Bracelets

We have produced the datafeed in CSV formats with '|' pipes and tab formats as delimiters.

Please remember to add your affiliate ID to the Url column, otherwise your sales will not be tracked.

Perform a find and replace on [Your ID] in the URL column and change it to your affiliate numerical ID.

Deep Linking

All pages can be linked to, the following example deep links to our customer comments page:

The usual url for our customer comments page would be:

or if you want to just link to our front page then the following url will suffice:

Download our Wedding Jewellery Product Feed

CSV (Pipe Delimited)


Click here to download

CSV (Tab Delimited)


Click here to download

If you have any comments or any questions then please email us at